Ceramic Studio

The Ceramic Studio opened in 1976 and remains one of the most popular to visitors.

The one-on-one visitor experience here makes the medium accessible, allowing for an intimate view into the artist’s process. Most of the work made in the studio is wheel thrown and is salt fired or fired in a reduction kiln.

onthewheelThe Ceramic Studio is a functioning production pottery studio. The artists working in this space make their living from their wares. The demonstrations are presented in a contemporary context, but informed with a unique historical reference.

When the studio opened in 1976 it was one room; in 2004 an expansion effort was undertaken and the studio is now housed in two-thirds of the building. This effort was undertaken first for the benefit and growth of the artists and second so that programming can expand to include guest artists and workshops.

The ceramic studio has also been home to a co-operative program for interns for almost 20 years. The program began with students from Rowan University for college credit and has since grown to include area artists of all ages. The studio accepts one intern a year for the experience of working in a functioning studio as opposed to an education environment. Interns assist with kiln building, firing of kilns and glaze mixing in exchange for time to create their own pieces and the knowledge gained through the entire experience. Interns also work in front of the public, interpreting the craft of ceramics