Artist Studios

Watch Professional, Highly-Skilled Artists Employ Century-Old Techniques to Create Colorful Works of Art from Hot Molten Glass

The ceramics studio is open daily with demonstrations of wheel throwing, glazing and decorating. The new flameworking studio has ongoing demonstrations of bead making, marble making and other art forms involving the melting of glass with the use of a torch.

Come to WheatonArts and immerse yourself in creativity! By visiting our Artists Studios you will have first-hand contact with the artists while they work. 
Converse and ask questions, or simply listen to one of our talented narrators explain the process from start to finish. By watching live demonstrations you’ll learn how each material is shaped and worked into finished objects.

The Creative Process

At WheatonArts, the creative process is considered as mission critical as the objects collected and exhibited. While glassmaking remains one of our strongest assets, presenting it in context with other art forms is considered key to providing creative cross-fertilization. Our hope is to honor and share the creative process through the realization of artistic vision and dialogue based on ideas, and not solely on a specific material. Visiting artists augment a stable group of resident artist and volunteer staff, ensuring an enriched dialogue, visual and otherwise.

Key to our mission is making WheatonArts a desirable place for artists to work, and supporting them in an organizational culture that promotes creative risk-taking. We invite guests to visit the studios, offering a unique level of public access to working artists and their processes of making. Balancing this high level of visibility to the public, with the environment needed to focus and create, is an ongoing concern. We ask that all visitors respect the studios as the artist’s professional work space.

Workshops for Glass Artists with J. Kenneth Leap, Architectural Glass Designer and WA Associate Artist Click here for schedule