Where is Down Jersey?

“Down Jersey is an old expression for South Jersey.”

Jim Albertson, Liner notes to Down Jersey Folkways recording (1985)
“South Jersey is another land entirely from North Jersey and from Pennsylvania just across the Delaware . . . .

“My South Jersey is, roughly speaking, the Jersey south of a line drawn just below Trenton, east from Philadelphia, a line that passes just to the north of Crosswicks and Imlaystown, Pemberton and Brown’s Mills, Whitings and Tom’s River. Though it has industries it is not industrial as North Jersey is. It is . . . largely farm country and fisherman’s country, with a fringe of resorts on the ocean front, a few little industrial cities inland, and the district around Camden pretty largely a Philadelphia suburb.

” . . . The flatness all about widens your view; the far line of the horizon gives you a sense of space; the suggestion on the air of the sea somewhere beyond, with its waves rolling in mile after mile for thousands of miles, sets your thoughts roving to the world’s ends. You are freed from trammels, your heart takes wing. Limits, restrictions, confines, are no more. You are outward bound and charted upward for some lost Atlantis of the skies.”

– Cornelius Weygandt, Down Jersey: Folks and Their Jobs, Pine Barrens, Salt Marsh and Sea Islands. (1940)