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Featured Eco Friendly Books & DVDs

An assortment of children’s books and dvds about protecting the environment are available for purchase in the WheatonArts General Store.

signed by JANE KIRKLAND:

From the award-winning series of books called Take A Walk® books:
"Take A Backyard Bird Walk"
"Take A Tree Walk"
"Take A Walk With Butterflies & Dragonflies"
"Take A City Nature Walk"
"Take A Winter Nature Walk"

Books and Movies from Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick:
"Lost in the Woods" - Winner of 12 prestigious awards including Mom's Choice Award.

"A Pirate's Quest"
- Winner of seven major awards including: Mom’s Choice Award, Midwest Book Award for Children’s Picture, Book of the Year, Nautilus Silver Award

"One Child, One Planet" Special Autographed Edition - Mom’s Choice Award Winner,  Finalist  for the Benjamin Franklin's Best Children's Picture Book award!

"Lost In The Woods: The Movie" DVD
Winner of the Panda Award for the Best Children's Wildlife Film World-Wide! Winner of 12 National and International Awards.

"The Riddle In The Bottle" DVD
Winner of more than 20 Awards. Best Children's Film - Patagonia's Wild and Scenic Film Festival, the largest environmental film festival in the U.S!

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