Fall 2016 Classes and Workshops

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Classes and Workshops

Stained Glass 1: Introduction to Stained Glass GH00167
September 10 & 17, Saturdays
9am to 3:30pm
Instructor: Paul Trivellini

Begin your journey with stained glass! During this 2-day intensive class, you will learn the history of stained glass, how to cut glass, and basic design techniques while making stained glass sun catchers. You’ll also learn how to create your own stained glass projects using the copper foil technique. No prerequisite.

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Caribbean Dance Workshop
September 16, FridayCaribbean Dance Workshop
6pm to 8pm
Instructors: Kulu Mele African Dance & Drum Ensemble

This workshop will include a variety of Caribbean dances with live music, including Puerto Rican bomba and plena as well as Afro-Cuban dances. Join the dance instructors and musicians from the “Kulu Mele African Dance & Drum Ensemble”, “Conjunto Criollo” Puerto Rican Band and “Raise Boriqua” Dance Group for an evening of unique music and dance experience.

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Flameworking: Floral Implosion Pendant
September 17, Saturdayfloral pendants workshop
1pm to 5pm
Instructor: Deb DiMarco

Learn to create stunning floral implosion pendants in this intimate class led by glass artist Deb DiMarco. A clear glass lens over a floral design created by dots is a technique that results in a floral implosion. Working with solid rods of borosilicate clear and colored glass, students will learn several floral patterns and the fascinating art of turning glass “inside out” which creates the implosion. There will be several demonstrations as well as time to practice. The small class size allows for plenty of individual instructor attention.

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Introduction to Salt Glazed CeramicsSalt Glazed Ceramics Eric Rempe
September 16, Friday;
5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
September 17, Saturday;
5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
October 8, Saturday;
9 a.m. – 3 p.m. or earlier
October 9, Sunday;
6 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Instructor: Eric Rempe

This is a combination of a demonstration and a hands-on workshop. We will be making pots for the salt kiln in September and coming back to fire them in October. A salt kiln is a high temperature, cone 10 kiln that uses rock salt at the end of the firing to form a glaze on the outside of the pieces. On October 8 we will be glazing our pots, loading and starting the kiln. On October 9, your attendance is not required all day but the kiln will be firing and you are welcome to stay as long as you want to learn about the firing process. Come prepared to get dirty. You should bring a towel, an apron, and your favorite pottery tools.
Previous experience with clay required.

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Hot Glass Sand Casting
September 17, SaturdayHot Glass Sand Casting
10am to 4pm
Instructor: Hank Adams

In this one-day class students will learn the basics of casting glass, making a sand mold, and techniques in pouring molten glass. This class is tailored to beginners or those with any process experience. This will be a mold making and pouring slam session!
Prerequisite: None

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Introduction to Glass BeadmakingIntro to Beadmaking
September 24, Saturday
10 am to 4 pm
Instructor: Chris Coffman

Flameworking, also known as lampworking, is a glassmaking process during which the artist uses the flame of a torch to melt colored or clear glass rods. Once molten, the artist shapes the glass using gravity and tools.

This class will present a comprehensive introduction to flameworking that will give you an overview of safety issues, costs, and equipment involved as well as the experience and technique of making beads.

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Gourd Painting
October 15, Saturday
2pm to 5pm
Instructor: Nadine LaFone

Inspired by the painted calabash art of the Caribbean, based on craft traditions of both the indigenous of the islands and cultures of the African continent, including pyrography (the art of burning images onto a surface, such as, wood, leather or gourds) students will learn the art of gourd decoration to create a variety of beautiful craftwork.
Ancient calabash decorating, now considered high modern art, has long been used to make a variety of practical and artistic pieces; including musical instruments, containers such as bowls and utensils and wearable art. Our class will focus on the bottle gourd, wood burnishing, paint and nature based and abstract patterns to create beautiful Caribbean inspired art.
Class will include already washed, dried, sanded and cleaned gourds that are ready to embellish.

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Flameworking: Introduction to Borosilicate GlassGlass Snail
October 22, Saturday
10am to 4pm
Instructor: James F. Byrnes

Learn about the art of flameworking beginning with information pertaining to general shop safety and proper equipment usage to shaping borosilicate glass. Instruction and supporting demonstrations will focus primarily on technique. Working with borosilicate glass participants will become familiar with its flow characteristics, how to judge and control temperature and how to control for the effects of gravity. Important elements of structural integrity as it pertains to glass projects will be addressed. Class projects will include making a bird and a snail.

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Flameworking: Borosilicate Glass (Part 2)
October 23, SundayGlass Bird
10am to 4pm
Instructor: James Byrnes

Continue your exploration of borosilicate glass. In Part 2 participants will build on the techniques they learned the day before with the addition of color and more complex forms. Class project will include creating a fish form.

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Introduction to Weaving: Get Your Jiggy OnWeaving Workshop
October 29, Saturday
10am to 4pm
Instructor: Kathryn Pannepacker

Learn the basics of weaving with Philadelphia-based textile/visual artist, Kathryn Pannepacker. This workshop is loaded with instruction, exploration, and jump-start weaving creativity! Participants will explore color, pattern, and texture. Looms will be provided. No experience necessary.

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Glass Blowing Intensive
October 8 & 9,Skitch Manion Glass Intensive
Saturday & Sunday
December 3 & 4,
Saturday & Sunday
10am to 4pm
Instructor: Skitch Manion

Have only one weekend to spare? This is an experience made just for you! Students will spend two full days in our glass studio, learning to blow glass with a highly experienced staff. Designed for the beginning glassblower, students will learn the fundamentals of working and forming molten glass into basic shapes. Students will also become familiar with equipment and movement in the hot shop, as well as how to work with a partner. This is the perfect class to get a taste for glassblowing and its endless possibilities!
Prerequisite: None

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Mask Making: Haitian Hybrids Combing Mask Traditions
November 5 & 6,
Saturday & Sunday
10am to 12pm
Instructor: Nadine LaFond

This 2-day intensive workshop will combine two traditional Haitian styles to create unique hybrid masks. During this class, students will be guided in the design, creation, and decoration of a distinct art piece using clay molds, newspaper, and Caribbean techniques. The first day will focus on building the mask surface and planning the design through papier mache and the next day will focus decorating the mask through painting and collage. Traditional masks will be on hand for inspiration. Tools and supplies will be included.

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Dalle de Verre: Into the Thin of it (Mosaics)
November 12 & 13, Mosaics WorkshopSaturday & Sunday
10am to 5pm
Instructor: Claire Brill

One person’s trash can be the same person’s treasure. While learning to facet the richly colored, inch-thick Dalle de Verre (French for slab of glass), Claire discovered that the residual chips are themselves visually compelling raw mosaic materials. It continued from there . . . Come join Claire’s exploration of Dalle’s mosaic potential! Learn to process it using a faceting hammer and wheeled nippers. Create a variety of tesserae (pieces): thin and shell-like, cube-like, amorphous. Explore the effect of different substrates under Dalle (reflective and non-reflective materials, clear glass). Experiment with placement resulting in outcomes like high dimension and blended colors. Plan to bring home an 8″ x 10″ mosaic.

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Metalsmithing for Beginners:
Saw, File, Hammer, and Wear!metalsmithing

Saturday, November 19
10am to 5pm
Instructor: Daisy Greenwell

In this one-day course on basic metalsmithing techniques, students will learn how to manipulate metal sheet using a jeweler’s saw. Students will pierce out simple shapes and fabricate a layered pendant, brooch, or keychain of their design through the use of sawing, filing, drilling, riveting, and sanding. No previous experience with metals is necessary, as this crash course on beginning metalwork will cover all that participants need to know in order to create a stunning piece of wearable art.

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Caribbean-Inspired Clay Maracas
December 3, Saturday
11am to 1pm
Instructor: Jackie Sandro-Greenwell

Students will create a clay hand-held maraca, influenced by the Carnival art and images of the Caribbean islands. Various reference material, clay, and tools will be provided. No experience needed. The instructor will glaze and fire maracas, and students will be called to pick up their creations when they are finished.

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Childrens Workshops!

Spooky Ghosts: Handbuilding Clay
October 7, FridayClay Ghosts
6:30pm to 7:15pm
Instructor: Tessa Peterzak

Join us in this fun clay project that celebrates Halloween. Artist, Tessa Peterzak will guide students through a sculptural project. Pre-made clay forms will be available for students to manipulate and add their own, personal touch. Limit one ghost per person. All levels are welcome. This workshop is perfect for individuals and families!

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December 10, Saturday
10am to 12pm
Instructor: Cherelle Oriolo

Learn how to make your own paper at home for cards, art, invitations, books, or other fun projects. In this two hour course we will focus on simple papermaking. Each student will have the opportunity to make 5-6 sheets of paper. Students are encouraged to bring dried plants, seeds, yarn and glitter if they would like to add it to their paper. This is a fun and eco-friendly process good for all experience levels.

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Papier Mache Bowls
November 19 & 20, Saturday & Sunday
10am to 12pm
Instructor: Pamela Weichmann

Using a simple bowl form as an introduction to the art of papier mache, students will learn how to make bowls from strips of paper and a balloon! On the first day we create the shape of our bowl. On day 2, we will trim our bowls and various decorating techniques will be demonstrated. We will view examples of Caribbean papier mache artwork as inspiration for our decoration.

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