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Featured Folk Artists

Musicians / Dancers / Storytellers

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  • Christy Pierce (Native American Leather Poaches making)
  • Roberta Flores (Native American Beadwork)
  • Walter Anderson (Native American Beadwork)
  • Mary Carty (Eastern Woodland Traditional Baskets)
  • Len Gould (Native American Beading, Flute making)
  • Dawn Gould Many Feathers (Native American Pine Needle Baskets)
  • Herbert Pierce (Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Council member, drum maker)
  • William Mosley (Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Council member, singer)
  • Selma Virunurum (Estonian embroidery, woodwork)
  • Merry May (South Jersey quilter)
  • Eudokia Sorochoniuk (Ukrainian weaving and embroidery: “nyzynka” stitch
  • Nina Kujdich (Ukrainian embroidery)
  • Dorothy Turner (South Jersey rug braiding)
  • Fusaye Kazaoka (Japanese origami, silk and “bunka” Embroidery
  • Aleksandra Pilberg (Estonian embroidery)
  • Joyce Baltus (Jewish embroidery: needlepoint)
  • Betty Sesskin (Jewish embroidery: needlepoint)
  • Esther Distenfeld (Jewish embroidery: needlepoint)
  • Sonya Constantinov Lahov (Russian Old Orthodox embroidery)
  • Babushka Zaleskin (Russian Old Orthodox embroidery)
  • Ekaterina Kourakin (Russian Old Orthodox embroidery)
  • Kludia Kovalou (Russian Old Orthodox embroidery)
  • Klaudia Bobkovs (Russian Old Orthodox Icon Painting)
  • Michael and Josephine Cibuliew (Russian Old Orthodox Candle makers)
  • Irene Filipov (Russian Embroidery)
  • Tatjana Moore (Russian Embroidery)
  • Phyllis Walker (African American quilter, folk singer)
  • Emese Kerkay (American Hungarian embroidery, Easter eggs decorating)

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