Festival of Fine Craft 2019 Artists

A small bottle of olive oil from Seven Barrels with a spout to the right and a small dish of olives on the left

Artisan Food

Balic Winery
Seven Barrels
Keystone Farms Cheese
Country Herbs

A wide yellow vase that is smaller at the foot. Stripes of green and red resembling blades of grass go around the body from bottom to just before the neck. The green neck is thin and widens as it reaches the lip. Created by Michael Cho
A closeup of several colors of fiber wrapped into tight circles and put together to create a piece.

Fiber (Decorative)

Mary May
Sam Moyer
Donna Stufft
Samuel Yao

A red wool hat with a knitted flower embellishment and a black band around the bottom

Fiber (Wearable)

Richard Aldorasi
Pauletta Berger
Shengzhu Bernardin
Phillip Breden Jr.
Maureen Buzzeo
Marie Crescenz
Annette Devitt
Heidi Hammel
Gretchen Hulse
Noriko Iizuka
Maureen Kamerick
Sierra Krause
Carol Kynett
Jacquelyn Morgan
Anna Polonsky
Agustin Ruiz
Marguerite Swope
Amy Turner
Judith Van Zant

Realistic acrylic painting of a tiger surrounded by long green leaves by Ron Orlando..

Fine Art

Maryann Cannon
Daniel Duffy

Ramona Maziarz
Ron Orlando
Michelle Post
Simon Zeng

Painted glass pane of a red and yellow autumn tree with falling leaves Created by Katherine Cheetham
Matching white pendant and earrings with a deep peacock green bar through the centers


Ricky Boscarino
Jennifer Brower
Sharon Carlucci
Maria Cartwright
Chris Coffman
Michele Cole
Diana Contine
Allan Feinberg
Sheila Fernekes
Sue Fontana
Hilary Greif
Judith Hearney
Caryn L. Hetherston
Pamela Iobst
Nancy Irons
Naomi Johnson
Janet Kofoed
Janine Krantz
Paul Lorber
Kim Lyons
Christine Mackellar
Sharon Manewitz
Clare Marshall
Peggy Miller
Elizabeth Mitchell
Anthony Niglio
Debbie Noiseux
Joan Prato
Gina Romano
Mechele Shoneman
Yanina Siani
Cindy Slotnick
Willie Trejbal
Mark Van de Bogart
Ted Walker

A leather bag with a blooming dark brown design and a black strap. Created by Frank Westfall.


Julie Bradley
Olya Bragger
Jorge Gil
Merianne Nichols
Brian Rosenbarker
Lisa Strauss
Frank Westfall

A cylindrical metal garden sculpture with a seahorse surrounded by bubbles cut into the sides. Created by Sandra Webberking.


Sandra Webberking
Rachel Marie Wenner

A dog fashioned out of several metal objects such as spoons and cans. Created by Brian Marshall

Mixed Media

Will Delaney
Diana Koziupa
Robert Lehman
Brian Marshall
Laurie Olefson
Sabra Richards
Anna Scaramazza

A tapestry of a lake with a rich blue sky and gull overhead. Created by Ellie Wyeth


Marino Diaz
Ellie Wyeth

A square of a sharp photograph of a lighthouse with red and white stripes and a house behind it. The sky is blue with orange and yellow clouds in the far distance. Photographed by James Evangelista


Dennis Abriola
Frederick Ballet
Christopher Costa
James Evangelista
Barry Hollritt
Michael Leu
Andy Smith

Two offwhite bars of soap displayed on a soft white sheet with a single red flower running around the bars. Created by Bay Berry Bliss


The Grazing Goat, LLC
LEH Soap Company
Carol’s Scents N’ Soaps
Bay Berry Bliss, LLC

A red cup with a deep black and carmine strip running from bottom to top. Created by Bernard Hohlfeld


Tom Ahern
Mark Bair
John Baun
Edward Burger
Thomas Cambria
Gilbert Carey
Ralston “Hop” Edwards
Thomas Ferrie
Bo Gardner
Steve Garelick
Bernard Hohlfeld
Kirk Kirkpatrick
Larry Morgan
Art Parkin
Vincent Pettit
David Shields
Douglas Starry
Robert Truman
Abraham Warren
Ray Yoast

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