“From The Ground Up” Family Fun Day

visitors in the paperweight room
Various glass sculpture pieces

From The Ground Up: Family Fun Day, Sunday, April 17, 10am to 5pm

Celebrate the opening of our new exhibitions, From the Ground Up and Mine Moonlight: Artists Working in Philadelphia’s River Wards, in the Museum of American Glass as we explore, discover and create. Opportunities to participate in free guided tours and hands-on art making experiences will be available for families.

Museum Tours
Join our docents on an engaging tour of our collections and special exhibitions. A kids’ tour will take place at 11:00 a.m. and an adult tour will take place at 2:30 p.m.

Artifact Identification Station
Archaeologists do not always find all the pieces of an artifact. They often find only a few pieces, or shards, and must use those to make an educated guess about the appearance and use of the original piece. In this interactive station you will exercise your investigative skills as you try to decipher what each shard could be. Is it a fragment of a bowl? A vase? A candlestick? Two stations contain a variety of sanded down, glass shards accompanied by a binder with images of the original artifact.

Mending Lab
Archaeologists often find shards, broken pieces of glass or pottery, during their excavations. Through a process called mending, they reassemble the pieces, similar to fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. In these interactive stations you step into the shoes of the archaeologist as you attempt to mend the broken tile pieces. Take careful notice of the surface treatment of each piece. What color is the shard? Has the surface been carved? Is the surface a raised relief?

Sugar CastingWorkshops
Three workshop stations will be ongoing from 11 am to 3 pm. Each project takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Seats are first come first served and are available while supplies last.

Sugar Casting
Suggested Ages: 5 and above
Learn the technique of pâte de verre casting by using sugar, glue, and a mold to create a cast object. Pâte de verre is a kiln casting method that literally means “paste of glass.” Glass frit granules are mixed with a binder then applied to the inner surface of a negative mold. We will use the same method in the class using sugar! Kids will have an opportunity to see a sample of pâte de verre cast glass from the collection of the Museum of American Glass.

Mixed Media Mystery Bag Sculpture

Mystery Bag Sculpture

Suggested Ages: 7 and above
Stretch your creative thinking and problem solving skills while making a unique sculpture from upcycled materials. Each participant receives one bag that is filled with mystery items. These items are all upcycled and could include: pasta boxes, pieces of ribbon, scrap fabric pieces, wooden bases, buttons, paper towel rolls, etc. Your challenge is to use only the materials in the bag, plus a few adhesive materials, to create a unique sculpture.

Accordion Sketchbook_Accordion Sketch Book
All ages
Inspired by what you see in the museum? Would you like to sketch your own artistic ideas? We will show you how to create an accordion book using colorful envelopes to hold your sketches. This is an easy project for kids of all ages. In addition to holding small sketches, the books can also be turned into gifts or cards for special people or kids can make mini books to go inside each pocket!


From The Ground Up: Family Fun Day! activities are included in general admission to WheatonArts.

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Mixed Media Mystery Bag Sculpture